Female of the day (by request) : Katie Holmes!

One of Sigg3 dot net readers suggested Dawson’s Creek‘s Katie Holmes. I’ve never seen a single episode of this farspread show, but I can imagine it must be something in-between "Friends" and "Passions". And I really like "Passions":)

Katie Holmes

So I checked her out. Here’s an extract from my preliminary report:
"Katie Holmes a.k.a Katherine Noelle Holmes was born December 18th, 1978. Clothing Size – A size 4, cute smile, funny ears. Starred in Bob Dylan’s musicvideo Things have changed in 2000. Likes chocolate and caffeine. Oh, sounds like my kind of girl:)"

More news about the Female of the year election coming up soon! Check out the list, as of now!

(You’d like to check out Katieholmespictures.com!)
(The reader wishes to remain anonymous, but you can visit his website here!)

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