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Turn WiFi and Bluetooth functionalities off when near a person who may have a cardiac pacemaker implant or other medical electrical device. Radio waves may affect pacemaker or medical device operation, possibly resulting in serious injury.

I can see it for me. Detective Frost teaming up with the operation leader on site:
– Who was he? (pointing at the dead guy)
– The former Head of Finances, sir
– He’s bound to have a lot of enemies then. Any suspects?
– This kid here, sir. He done it.
– Oh?
– Bluetooth connection, sir.
– And what is that?
– He used his phone to wirelessly connect to the internet.
– Yes, I’ve heard about those. They were trained in Soviet during the cold war.
– Sir?
– Telepathic warriors and UFOs. I know all about it.
   Ah you one of them crackhead hackers, laddie?
– Sir.
– What was the motive, laddie?!
– We think it was hotmail, sir.
– Ah! That Dutch homosexual satanic cult!
– Actually, no, sir. The free e-mail provider. Paris Hilton has one.

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