From my Outbox: Office documents disappearing

I’ve been getting a lot of "lost document" calls lately.

Consider this analogy:
You’re working at home, sitting on the edge of your chair writing down the last four pages of a document due three minutes and seventeen seconds ago. Your four year old kid waltzes in, innocent, naive and extremely annoying.
– Muum, can I play with Dad’s 9mm Beretta?
– I’m buissy, honey. Beat up the cat or something.
Your kid stands there, staring at you the way only radiactive zombie mutants or four year old humans can do. You can feel the eerie atmosphere radiating from his gaze, creeping under your skin. Your blood heavily dozed with caffeine rushes to the outskirts of your limbs, you know that the future of your co-workers lie on your sunk-down shoulders, so you willpower focus back to the document – away from the world.
– Muuuuuum. Can I play with Dad’s Beretta? Please, mum, please?
[ Yes ] [ No ] [ Cancel]
– Yes! YES! Go right ahead.

…. BLAM! …

You didn’t realize he was, in fact, talking about the 9mm Px4 Storm, Type F model Beretta with Double/single action and superluminova sight. Because you weren’t listening.
– Sigge? Can you come and have a look at my son? He asked if he could borrow the 9mm Beretta and I must have clicked ‘yes’ since I was so absorbed in my work. He’s like totally dead now, and this document should have been sent half an hour ago.

The morale of this is: Read what you’re accepting.
Humpty-dumpty MS Office will not think on your behalf.

2 thoughts on “From my Outbox: Office documents disappearing

  1. Thanks for the heads up:)
    I haven’t had the time to go through all my linkses yet. Precious linkses.
    But I will.

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