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Apart from the last Maddox update, I am a genius, you are not, ya’ll should just head over to Truckin’ and read till you flunk your exams. I did it.

A lot of really great stories are hidden in there, about everything from things to tell a stripper to the in-depth details on donkey fucking. And then there’s my stories. I’ve been a regular in the Truckin’ e-zine from two thousand and three years after Jesus was questioned and neutralized, in politically correct terms, and till today! That’s "only" three years, but it’s still three bloody years! and I’m glad to see that more and more writers submit their work for others to read for free. I have quite a few good memories from sitting at my laptop with a Subway Sandwhich and reading through one story after the other, until I discover how I’ve messed up my shirt with mustard dressing.

My latest submission, Man, I love tits, is about tits:

There’s a variety of tits that slip away from most men’s conscience, as most men tend to grow weary of illumination and would rather leap into action. But I do love tits, and I appreciate their fulfilling diversity…

I think it’s a field of research that requires the open mind and steady hands of your regular blogger. Of me.
You should check out the other writers too, naturally. They also like tits.

To simplify matters even more, here’s a link you can bookmark for easy access:
See? You didn’t even have to type it to your adress field! Now that’s easy!

For more of my stories, click the Archives link on top of my frontpage and look at the bottom. I can assure you there’s more coming.

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