Scatterbrain tidbits from recent events

I smashed my shaver this morning.
I was standing in the shower, singing and doing small dancing tricks (and we’ve a really tiny bathroom), and when I was going to do the quick-pull of the towel, I also smashed my shaver into the tile floor. In philosophy we call that a fuck up. I’ve smashed it before, and it’s been easy to re-assemble, but this time some of the pieces just didn’t match. So I understood that the thing was broke.
It was only the head though, so it won’t cost me much.
Except a glitch in my armor for walking around like an apeman for five days..

I was going to do a big write-up about my weekend in Tromsø, the capital of the North. But my brother is still failing to grasp the concept of transferring images from his digital camera to his computer. I asked him the day he went back to Oslo. That’s five days ago now. He’s still saying that I just have to wait a little.
Why don’t he just put down a task force and get it over with already?
– You have any timeline for this project, mr. Welks?
– No, sir. I’ve put down a research group to get to the bottom of the technicalities.
– Good, good, Welks. And?
– And they’ll notify my Board of Supervisors by the end of the year.
– Great! Good work, Welks.
– USB, although universal, is pretty complicated when you get down to the details..
– I see..
– Yes. It’s not just "plug and play" like the major corporations would like you to believe
– Fancy that..
– It takes a lot of initiative, you see. And determination.
– I think you’ve spilt some coffee on your pants there, mr. Welks..
By the time he’s finished, I’ll have forgotten all about the funny details.

So, another postponement to my media rig project (overview coming later). I got in touch with the online retailer today, because the date of sending had been set to the 5th this month. Which means that I’ve already received my paid merchandice! Which I haven’t. It turned out I did receive them, however, but that it was in an alternate dimension, where Bizarro Sigg3 is chuckling evilly as we speak. So the waiting is still 2-3 weeks, regardless of the space-time continuum in normality. 2 to 3 weeks can go on for years.

But I’m going to receive a brand new 160GB HDD and mounting kit in the meanwhile!
Which I didn’t actually need, or had any plans on buying. It just happened while I was waiting..

I also received a bottle of wine recently. That one was all for free. Women really appreciate young, helpful males with some insight about computers and time to explain it in a worthly fashion. That’s gotto be the fourth or fifth bottle of wine I’ve gotten this year alone.

I’m not reading anything at the moment, and that feels incredibly good. The past three nights I’ve been sitting two-four hours typing previous work into 1s and 0s on my laptop. Not literally, of course. You see, I still prefer writing with a good pen on clean paper, then typing it in later on. It feels better.
Anyway, I don’t know yet if I’ll be doing any of my two exams this spring. I might just skip it.

Movies I have seen but not reviewed:
Road to Petition (ok)
Miller’s Crossing (ok)
French Connection (great)
Hoffa (pretty good)
Capone (ok)
Videodrome (pretty good)
Banlieue 13 (ok)
Wallace and Gromit (great)
The Third Man (pretty good)
Lagaan (great)
King Arthur (sucks)

That’s it for now, folks, time’s up! Have a better one, and I’ll see you in 2-3 weeks.

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