Any tips on shaving?

This manual shaving is really getting to me. And I’m not a pussy. I once wrestled a bigfoot with the backside of my ankle. There’s three, maybe four people in the world who could do that. I’m just used to shaving quick and painless, and with the same rush as always I now shave quick and painful with razorsharp razors.

I read this tip that you’re supposed to shower for five minutes and then shave. That’s what I’ve done the last two days and it hurts like hell. I’ve discovered that I really don’t shave, I’m just slicing off thin layers of my skin. Michael Jackson must know what I’m talking about.

If you have any good tips, please share them with me.
So far it’s a lousy day. In addition to the shaving situation, my nose is running, I slept too long and I dreamt that Darth Vader was my father.

Tomorrow is the 17th of May, which is the national holiday of Norway. If you didn’t already know this, Norwegians take that really seriously. They have a marching band annoying the crap out of me outside the window. At the same time, I have this urge to hear them play the Imperial March.

Kekepower‘s tip: "Always shave in the direction the hairs grow."

4 thoughts on “Any tips on shaving?

  1. What exactially are you testing kornelius?

    And in other news, get a electric shaver. Mucho better. Unless your one of those guys who likes a super close shave. I am indifferent.

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