May 16th 2006

The 16th of May has always been the national holiday of the youth, so naturally you go out and get drunk. After a big dinner of salmon at some relatives’, with ice cream dessert, coffee and a full introduction to Norwegian folk costumes, I was too full to do any shaking. But I knew it was important to keep up the tradition, I couldn’t just abandon it and walk around sober on our national day. That would’ve been disrespectful.

A colleague’s sister playing in an Electronica/rock band called x.Lover persuaded me to go to this place near the red light district called Elm Street. I’ve always just walked by it since it has always been full of old people, but I was surprised to find it seething with life. Rock life.
They were good, the band, but I found the music a bit too repetitive.
I had quite a good time hanging out there waiting for them to finish though. I was the only one in the area dressed as a Normal Person™. Rock has always been infected by all these people who knows. They’re like intelligent. Which is why they all dress alternative. That is, everyone dresses alternative…..

After having said sorry for falling on a dark jukebox, pardon me, since I’d taken it for a small, fat guy I found out that I could stand there and drink beer effortlessly without being knocked down by headbangers. There was only two of them though, and I knew them both.

The band finished, I found my people, almost passed out due to lack of sleep and ran outside to Burger King and bought myself an Espresso. That’s the second time in my life I’ve bought something from Burger King. I was happier this time. It was even caffeinated. When I’d had a coffee and another beer, the main attraction came onto stage. Robotnicka.
Robotnika, 16th of May 2006

They were really, really great. It’s too many bands playing punk that are plain boring.
I don’t know if it was the fact that they were really sick, had a small, French girl singing or if it was them playing Last Ninja theme from the Amiga era that kicked off. But they did kick off.
I got to meet them after they’d played and packed, and they were nice, positive people. They didn’t have a shred of that alternative thing I have learned to smell from across the street. At that time I was so drunk, however, that I wasn’t making much sense. I just took the French girl’s hand and kissed it, saying Thank you, or something like that.

I was soon on my way towards a bar closer to my home.. I had to stop for a piss, at Bob’s of course, where I ran into this big transvestite waiting to use the bathroom. He glanced at me, rolled his eyes and sighed: All right, you go. Ladies first to me. I laughed my head off.

3 thoughts on “May 16th 2006

  1. It’s great!
    And you could see people recognizing it, and digging it from across the pub. People who didn’t take much interest was brought back to life:)

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