Should I move?

Lately I’ve been thinking about moving again. The place I live now is tolerable, and most important of all it’s cheap. But I’m beginning to go crazy being able to hear whatever goes on in the flat..
What I pay for 17m2 is:
rent 2500,-
electricity (unknown:)
broadband 200,-
It varies between 3000 and 3200 NOK a month. The price of the broadband (10Mbit) varies of course on how many is using it. Now we’re two, but I don’t know how long it’ll last, as she doesn’t have a computer any longer. This means I’ll have to cover 1200kr every three months.
And it’s in the middle of everything.

Today I found this 24m2 room, partially furnished (probably a closet), which is cheaper than mine. It’s 2700 a month, including power, internet and heating. Which is great, since I hate having to deal with bills. I just want to pay once a month for everything.

The thing is that this place is 4 kilometers from where I live now. It’d take me 40 minutes on the subway getting to work. It would take less to get to the University, though, since it’s westwards – but don’t worry, way too west to be westside:)

I’m gonna have to share a kitchen and a bathroom with two other people, which is fine, as long as the walls between the bedrooms aren’t paper thin.

I think I’ll phone that girl and see if I can get a look at the place. If it’s any good, I’m seriously gonna have to consider it, even though I hate having to live so far away from everything. Today I can just waltz out the door and walk to my friends, work and everything. Instant city.
There’s a noise level here, but I don’t mind, except for the noises coming from my two roommates. Not that I have anything against them, they’re people and I accept their inalienable rights to be annoying.. It’s just that it’s bloody annoying.

Formel 1 Monaco GP 2006 update
1. Alonso (Renault)
2. Montoya (McLaren-Mercedes)
3. Coulthard (Red Bull Ferrari)
4. Barrichello (Honda)
5. M. Schumacher (Ferrari)

Michael did a great race, climbing from 22nd to 5th, and proved that if it had not been for a driving error in the qualification, he would have won the entire race. Good to see Coulthard back again. The three winners dedicated the victory to Mr. Michelin who died in a drowning accident this Friday.

4 thoughts on “Should I move?

  1. No, I have that now. Don’t use it for much, though, since my system isn’t up yet:p
    I have no idea what kind of connection/band they’ve got in the other place.

  2. Lol, look up the connection in the otherplace. I couldn’t live without 10 mbits. I have a 100 mbits here… But thats just because I’m special. ^_^ lol. I maybe get a few kb/s dl and ul though. Its sad.

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