The Day of the Beast

Satan himself
So this is the day of Satan, eh? It’s quite nice. We’ve got sun here, people are smiling and they are flushing the front parking lot for old cigarettestubs. Gotto make place for the new ones. And the smell of water hitting the asphalt in the sun is a flashback to all other summers when petty neighbours cleaned up their houses, garden and driveway.
There’d be the sound of lawnmovers going steadily from 9 am to 8 pm, the call of children in play, and a cat somewhere, that had been launched by a tidal wave, up unto a buildings uppermost chimney. It would die up there, pecked to death by the crows, but alas! such is the circle of life. And it would be good.

And everywhere there’s life!
This Satan must be an amiable fellow. Maybe he is simply misunderstood. A half-delusional, self-pitying creature, like the Monster in No such thing, trapped in the haunting agony of neverending life, all friends long gone and forgotten. And alcoholism, of course. If you were immortal, would you not be an alcoholic?

Yesterday and the day before I began peeping at my brother‘s Lord of the Ring Extended Pack or whatever its name is. For some reason I’ve been watching it in reversed succession, beginning with the third, advancing to the second, and now only the Brotherhood of the Ring remains. I think it’s because I realized that if it was going to be a battle, we might as well get it over with.
These versions are a great improvement over the "original" films I caught in the theatres.

But they do have a lot of Hollywood content.
Gollum is not an amiable character in the books. You don’t give a shit about people beating him up. But then you have a sneaking, growing feeling that there may be more to him than the darkness you’ve read about so far. It’s a sneaky thing, love of Gollum. But in the movies, it’s straight on. You’re meant to like him by day one. That’s not really a way to treat Tolkien’s most complex character throughout these books (except for Jesus.. Gandalf I mean).

I have been writing a good deal these last three days. Doing more of a project that has been going on for over a year now, and maybe more than that, I realize that I’m a captive of my own creation. It evolves like nothing else I’ve written. Then there’s the other project, which is less serious, and 100% funny. It will deal with everything in the world, since I don’t really know anything about the subject I’ve chosen.
Every writer I know has this way of doing things that is a complete mess. You can count me in with the lot, having 2-6 simultaneous projects going on, always taking notes, waking up, wanking words.

Just got word that the world was supposed to have ended at 6:06:06 this morning.
Don’t worry. It’s probably just a delay. All major theme parks have delays.
Police have been standing guard around Norwegian churches all night. Which is good, for reassuring the old folks who are still startled by spotty teenagers raging against their stuck-up parents and swearing to a mascot with goat legs. I can remember there was a movement years ago, threatening churces and all, but where is it now? Did they all grow up? I guess they must have. I’ve heard that satanism is doing great down in Italy, though. All that pasta makes the brain weak. Must be great for the candle light industry.
As long as they don’t hurt nobody they can chant and light candles all they want to.

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