One blonde to rule them all

I’m still sick. But I had this peculiar dream this morning.

Norway and Sweden had changed into something of a tropical area, like Brasil or any other South American country. I met my mother and this doctor, both wearing white, at a house on the hills from where they ran their drug operations. They were smuggling dope across the border, and wanted me to deliver. I didn’t really want to, but hey! it was my mother and I could really need the cash.
In aiding them, they had a really big, white computer which hummed noticeably, with a small plastic silver mark reading Lixiput (read: Lilliput). With it they could track the packets crossing the border in 3D. Must’ve been a simulation based on GPS beacons or something.

I don’t remember much more than that, because at that time the police raided the compound, and I was handcuffed by this really sexy blonde. You know the kind that could’ve been a first-school teacher, with this stern look, trying to hide away her inner passions. I probably winked at her, before I was taken away, and woke up.

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