Blog hiatus – away for two weeks

I’ll be away for two weeks, so you might not find much to do here until the middle of July. Well, that’s not completely true. I am not going away, and I’ll probably do some occasional blogging when I can’t resist the urge. I’m taking two weeks off to round up a year-long book project, the first draft should be finished by September I hope, but I’ve been doing so much else lately that I’m dissacociated with the story.
So I’m taking two weeks off to go crazy with it. Completely mad.

This is by far the longest piece I’ve ever written. But although my previous novel was very, very short it had a complete story-body. This is very important. Faint books are shun by readers and myself, it’s like sniffing cocaine through a kilo of flour. A book must be pure angel dust. See you around.

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