What to do when Da House is all a mess….

I don’t know… Just look at this:


The entire house looks something like that… Can’t wait to get out of here..

Well, as for the Female of the year contest, it’s still on, thanks to many good recommendations from ya’ll and my own good taste! Here’s what will happen:
1) I’ll be introducing you to the candidates, one by one. Hopefully I can explain why I picked her.
2) When all the 12 girls have been introduced, I’ll give you a wee bit of time so you can let it all sink in.
3) In December, I’ll put up a poll that will let you vote for your favourite candidate!
4) The candidate will stay on Sigg3 dot net‘s mainpage throughout 2004, as an official representative; "Female of the year 2003".
– But don’t forget; in order for this to work and be fun, YOU MUST ALL participate. Tell your friends, your wives, your men, your dogs and cats, your lovers, your slightly crazy neighbours and last but not least; tell everybody I forgot to mention:)

Thanks! (Oh, and I will probably give you a better newsreport when I get to Oslo! Ciao!)

3 thoughts on “What to do when Da House is all a mess….

  1. Når rommet mitt ser ut som ditt går den under betegnelsen “ryddig”. Det helvetet som jeg har nå er et virkelig helvete.

  2. No, I won’t accept it! It looks worse than usual, but right now it is completely empty and cleaned up, like the rest of the house. Cleaning is pretty hard work, believe you me!:)

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