A purely theoretical possibility, yes?

Dude: Microsoft Product activation, are you activating Windows?

Me: Uhuh.

Dude: This the first time you activate windows?

Me: Well, yeah, it was pre-installed.

Dude: Can you read me the numbers on your screen?

Me: All nine blocks?

Dude: Just the first


Dude: That’s a stationary or a laptop?

Me: Stationary

Dude: What brand is it? Dell, Fujitsu siemens, Compaq?

Me: Uh, it’s a Dell.

Dude: Can you read the numbers on the label printed on it?

Me: The guys at the store removed the cover.

Dude: At the store?

Me: Yeah. They had to change the harddrive.

Dude: I didn’t know Dell had stores.

Me: Oh, fuck.

Dude: Yes. But thanks for calling, anyway!

Me: Err, yeah, no problem.



Product Activation of Doom And the Clock Is Ticking! Gaaaaaaah!
Note: This is purely a thought experiment. I would never violate copyright laws. Ever. Not once. Right? Who? Me? Pirated software? Nooo. *cough*

6 thoughts on “A purely theoretical possibility, yes?

  1. Lol… Sigg3… Let me know once you have pirated over 20k worth of software. Until then, I am the king of pirated software. :D

  2. 20k?
    Come on, I could do that in two minutes with my eyes closed.
    Bragging rights begin at apprehending coped OEMs of military security systems.

  3. Dude, why steal software when you can use Linux (Ubuntu is really nice). I swear every time I have to help someone with their Windows machine I feel like I’m in some sort of post-apocalyptic exile. Wipe that shit and put on a Linux distro. What the hell piece of software is keeping you in Windows purgatory anyway? I really want to know.

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