Vacation update #3

My life begins to look like a cheesy novel..

..and I’m the baffled maincharacter in the middle of it..

..which is why I’ve decided to go north for a week. That, and because I want to visit my grandmother and see my father again. I remember going there as a kid. Click here to see it on a map of Norway. They had buzzing businesses there years ago, before rich bastards bought all the fish quota, and today there’s about 14 permanent residents there, including my ol’ grandma.

I’m teaming up with my dad in Tromsø tomorrow night, and then we’ll take the postal plane (YES!) at six am for three hours. It’s not because the trip from Tromsø to Berlevåg is so mind-boggingly long, but because we’ve at least three stops across Finnmark during the flight, delivering the mail..

Things never go as you expect, and even though I’d expect to get some writing done in a so desolate yet breathtaking environment, I’m also going to partake in what social life the place can provide for. These are people I seldom see, since I’m usually so absorbed in My Own Things.

Just don’t expect me to write any postcards. It is no post office where I’m going. No internets, no computers, and if a storm comes – guess what?! The roads are closed and telephone lines are cut. I might take some pictures. Take care.

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