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Long time since I did the stats of this page. Not because I’m ashamed of anything, or because I need bragging rights, but because most people just ignore them.
I know I do.

This time, I thought I’d try the recent tool from google, namely Google Analytics. I think they might have a better way to track unique visitors than tools like webalizer. If you have any comments or experience with website statistics, and what to make of them, please comment below the post. Thanks to my cousin for the tip!

Data is from 9th of June until the 18th of July 2006 (40 days).
Unique visits: 6,430 (156.6 per day)
Unique pageviews: 8,388
Returning visitors: 381
Pageviews per visit: 1.30

By browser:
1. Internet Explorer – (56.24%)
2. Mozilla Firefox – (36.61%)
3. Opera
4. Safari
5. Mozilla

By platform:
1. Windows (94.04%)
2. Macintosh (4.21%)
3. Linux (1.52%)
4. (unknown)
5. SunOS

By screen resolution:
1. 1024×768 (52.41%)
2. 1280×1024 (16.69%)
3. 800×600 (10.25%)
4. 1280×800
5. 1152×864

By content:
50.50% came for the blog
49.19% came for History of the Word Fuck

Top ten Cities/Regions/Countries:
1. Oslo
2. (not set)
3. Los Angeles
4. London
5. Riyadh
6. Mexico
7. Singapore
8. Paris
9. Tehran
10. Toronto

I’ve never really trusted Webalizer, but I found their Country list quite amusing. It made traffic look like a fight between US internet cafés and Russian Federation spies. Unfortunately my host has disabled that feature on my behalf.
I’ve only begun to discover the possibilities of Analytics, such as filtering and tracking defined goals. But you don’t have to worry. I’d have to be commited to a mental institution before I put ads or banners on this page.

Daisy the cow and Sigg3 dot net

Well, except for that one.

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