Vacation update #5

Atm I’m sitting at work, going on the 2nd hour now. Today it’s rainy, which is great, and I’d rather be doing something else. I’ve applied for two other bedsits that I can afford, since one of the roomies got back from holiday yesterday, and I consequently recalled why I wanted to move in the first place..

That’s life, brothers and sisters.

Oh, and it seems I might be a tad late with my university application. I’ve been so lazy that it’s down to a problem of definition now. Am I an ongoing student, a student in the middle of my degree, or a new student? If I’m new, I’m fucked, ’cause the deadline was the 15th of June. If I’m a veteran, I’m good for another month. I’m thinking about applied ethics (FIL2308) for 10 points, and then I only need to scavange 20 other points from somewhere. If I don’t I might as well call my bluff and start writing semi-full time, hoping I actually complete some of my work before I end up a lonely alcoholic.

I might pop down to Kristiansand this week, to chill by the seaside. I’m undecided.

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