Link of the day: Commander Rob

I think the website itself best explains the phenomenon of Commander Rob:
"Commander Rob is a real person that over the course of 8 months in 2005/06 sent over 400 incredibly awful scripts for movies staring himself as the main protaganist. These unsolicited scripts revealed the deranged mind of an individual who quite clearly just wanted to ‘bang’ every chick that was ever on an episode of Star Trek. Each script was no more than a few pages, yet was packed with hundreds of contradictions, plot holes, and vague and confusing descriptions of impossible stunts and special FX as he battled his way effortlessly through innumerable villains."

(movies require QuickTime)

If you’ve got the cash and want to help, please donate to the fellas. Episode two nearly made me wet my own pants. And according to the makers, episode three is going to be epic. If you loved Star Trek, or hated it, this is for you.

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