Vacation update #6

Vacation update? Wtf? I’m sitting at work!

.. get e-mails along the lines of Word on the street is that you’re back! and heaps of erroneous fax machines. It’s good to be missed by somebody. Especially if that somebody is a busty blonde with a Ferrari, and a keen eye in my general direction. But this is real life, and the girl is looking at someone over my shoulder. Leaving me back working again, 3 days before the deadline for signing onto this fall’s courses.

I visited the University on Friday to sort out my plans for the future. Or rather, trying to fill in the gaps of what I could expect to be doing in the future, if I am not to drop out of line. I’m taking a day off to think about it. I know that if I postpone my book (read: most weighted project) it will not come out as I want it to right now, and at the same time I recognize the amount of work before I can celebrate 1st draft. Which is going to be one helluva party.
This is the first time I’ve written something over the course of a year, starting August 2005.
Couple of weeks ago I finally chiselled out a plan for the finished work. You always have plans, under construction prints and sketches, but you know it in your gut when The Plan lies there in front of you. None of my other projects (read: books) were anywhere this hard to master. But no other book resembles this one either.

But at the same time I can’t let my studies slip. That would actually cost me money, as the students’ loan services are really rigid when it comes to students working on the side. Or workers studying on the side. And their interest is ballbreaking. On the bottom and top of this comes my writing, which is what I want to do the most.
People say I’ve gotten myself into a dilemma.
Of course I haven’t.
I’ll do what I do and make the best of it.
A bachelor of philosophy and masters in physics seems oddly attractive. Oh, Vanity has always been my middle name.

5 thoughts on “Vacation update #6

  1. I’m not sure there is a philosophical type. All kinds of people are taking this program. Aged 14 (!!!) to 65.
    The 14 yo is some kind of prodigy tho. Skipping thru high school like that.
    He’s a dark and gloomy type, with no apparent affinity whatsoever to reality. Maybe he’s a philosophical type.

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