Vacation update #7

I’ve registered for three courses this fall, all of them are in-depth courses, although none of them have school exams. This last thing about school exams is really great for me, since I prefer using my good time on writing good pieces of thoughts instead of jotting something down under exam panic. But it really takes more time, though. A four hour school exams as paper? A good week I’d say, and that’s after you’ve read what you need to. Stuff needs to sink in. Courses:
– Applied Ethics (10 points)
– Philosophy of Actions (10 points)
– Thought, interpretation, communication (10 points)

And here’s a picture from when I single-handedly killed a whale this summer. With a sledgehammer.

Sigg3 killing a whale

Fucker put up quite a fight.
This may be my last vacation update from 06, since I’m back working again. Apparently.

3 thoughts on “Vacation update #7

  1. Michael, who cares… The sheer awesomeness of what he just posted easily makes up for any problems. That made my day… Nay, it made my week.

    In other news, Sigg3, I bid thee farewell as I am about to partake in a (school)year long trip around the world. (visit the bloon for more info). Have a great year, and maybe leave a comment or two on my new blog. :) Cya man

  2. Where’s your blog?
    I heard something about you becoming a pirate, and something about a cake. But a world-round trip? That sounds AWESOME!
    Kick ass, dude! And link, please!

    You’re right Mike. The whalepic had some blurry "news story" edges, although a great resolution. Wasn’t meant to be the Mona Lisa, tho:)

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