End of vacation tourettes

Today I’m in a crappy mood. From the end of last week until today (except Saturday when I was highly intoxicated and Sunday when I was unavailable for comment) I’ve been working on setting up a Django framework for the upcoming party this Friday. There are two important parties in Norway. This is one of them. Everyone that matters are invited. Me too, of course, but that’s just because I work here.
And, as last year and the year before that, I’ve been put in charge for making an application for registering guests when they arrive. Quickly. From a looked up database constructed more loosely than the quote unquote evidence of The Davinci Code conspiracy theory. Sorry Dan, if you’d made this database I’d have sacked you.

I’ve got Apache, postgreSQL, mod_python, python 2.4 and Django 0.95 up and running on a windows XP machine. But now, all of a sudden, postgreSQL is giving me all this encoding crap. Sure, I would’ve used ISO 8859-1 but that’s not supported in version 8.3.1. I was moving from the django development server to Apache when even more hell broke loose. I’ve got an Ubuntu box running, but the owner is away and I can’t reach him on the phone. Then I was reminded of the seminar I’ve accepted to go to which begins tomorrow morning at 0900. And lasts the entire day and till the day after that.
And I’ve got no clean clothes.
I’m wearing my reserve boxers as I type.

So this means I’m going back to last year’s configuration, which is an Access form written in Visual Basic. If you want to write some intelligible code that you can develop without much ado, Visual Basic is not for you. If there had been lovely bunny-rabbits jumping around me now, full of optimistic hearts and pure, childish love, I would’ve kicked them to death. What Would Jesus Do? He would drop-kick the fluffy motherfuckers, sever their heads with his teeth and finish the ordeal by making some tasty bunny rabbit curry stew, smothered in dark tears of Heaven’s hatred. Or something.
Fucking rabbits.
But I digress.

It could be I’m feeling so crappy since I haven’t eaten anything. Except a slightly overdue egg and mayonnaise sandwhich and a brown banana which really didn’t at all. In addition, this is the week I was supposed to be at the University, not here, and I know I’m already lagging behind on the reading list. And I bruised my elbow by falling of a chair on Saturday, and it still fucking hurts! Blue and sore, in my fucking reserve boxers, going away at a seminar where I cannot escape the brutality of social interaction more than five minutes at a time. And Visual Basic! Fuck the bunny rabbits!

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