Treated like the sick, and the sick Sigg3 readers

I’m sick of being treated like I have some veneral disease, like the birdflu.
Whenever one of The Girls™ I live with hear me rumbling from my room to the kitchen, they duck away like frightened, little lambs. Okay, so you were naked. Does that necessarily mean that I’ll be standing there like a drooling fool sneaking peaks? Wanting to give you a good one?

Well, actually it does.
But that doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m some kind of sexually frustrated nerd, does it?

Well, actually it does.
But that doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m not human.
Hmm, I’m not really sure if that’s even an argument. The humanity!

This week I learned that I have two fans in Hamburg, Germany. That’s great! If I add those two with the fans previously accounted for, I now have four fans, including myself! I should start a franchise or something. Toilet brushes. Or deoderants.
Sigg3 deo   Sigg3 lotion
I’d buy that shit. Maybe not Rosemary and Lemon, but there’d be other fragrances.

I was taking an evening stroll in the rain the other day, ’cause sometimes I just do that. Accept it. And I strolled along, humming a tune, smoking a cigarette, when I came to think about how cool it’d be to travel the world on internet donations. Of course I wouldn’t just sleep in motels and become a heroin addict. No! I’d stay over at my visitors’ places. Sigg3 dot net readers.
Sounded sweet to mine ears.

Then I thought about this Dutch guy who invited people from the internets and ate them. While they were still alive. I don’t think I have the stomach to go through with anything like that. And to read my blog I bet you must be pretty sick. No offence.

4 thoughts on “Treated like the sick, and the sick Sigg3 readers

  1. I guess I am. But living with ’em is something totally different. Especially since I’m the only guy. I’m guilty of anything wrong happening in there.
    It’s like being a catholic, original sin and all!

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