Female and feminist of the day: Jenna Jameson

Female? Feminist? YES! Jenna Jameson (a.k.a Jennifer Marie Massoli), worldwide pornstar and feminist earned her own special seat among the Sigg3 dot net‘s "Female of the year 2003" candidates. The number of candidates has now risen to 8, which means that we’ve 4 good girls to go.

Jenna Jameson, Sigg3 dot net's female of the year?

Believe you me, the competition will be hard, having tasted the goods… Some readers of Sigg3 dot net has written to me and asked how I can justify an abuse of the feminin sex at the rate I am, and I had to answer that I thought of this feature as an important factor in the ongoing struggle for women rights. In that sense, I decided to include one of the most well known feminists; Jenna Jameson! Enjoy!

Additional info about Jenna: biography @ ActressGallery.com

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