Well done, North Korea!

Let me just briefly salute North Korea. At 4 am this morning (Norwegian time), after I’d just tucked myself in to dream about wet lesbian vampires (they were wet because of the rain), North Korea conducted a controlled, underground nuclear test. They measured it to 4.2 on Richter’s scala here in Norway. Of course I had to wash my hair this morning, nuclear dust, but that’s a small price to pay.

I want to overbring my salutations!
North Korea is sending out a peaceful message to the world; test your nukes.
I think it’s great. All nuclear powers of the world (including you, USA, although you don’t want to fall under your own terrorist definiton) should test their nuclear bombs.
And I believe in being thorough.
So you should safely and securely test all of them. Each and every one of them.

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