Tom Waits – Elephant Beer Blues 1976

These are live recordings of Tom Waits from 1976, in spirit of my all-time favourite Tom Waits album called Nighthawks at the Diner. Enjoy.



I usually won’t post uTube stuff here, but this called for an exception.
Thanks to Kornelius for letting me know. There’s heaps of Tom Waits material like live shows and music videos on YouTube.

5 thoughts on “Tom Waits – Elephant Beer Blues 1976

  1. Man that guy has a very unique way of doing his concert/shows. Alot of talking then suddenly he bursts out with “Waltzing Mathilda oh waltzing Mathilda!”.

  2. Oy! I’d recommend to turn the objects into links instead, as it sometimes takes a while to load your page because of the external content.

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