Little news in da big city:)

Well, that’s not entirely true. I met Mirza today, it was a "long time no see" kind of thing to it, and we spent too much time talking about Salangen, the place I’ve just left behind me (hopefully never to see it again:). We’ll probably team up with Kornelius this weekend and get drunk. It’s been a while…

Also, thanks to my brother, koew, I managed to register as a member of CyberZone which gives me internet access alot cheaper than the other internetcaf├ęs I’ve tracked down in town. In addition I’m also granted access to the most interesting culture of computernerds I’ve ever witnessed. They’re actually hosting a National Championship in Warcraft 3, which my brother participated in (at least for a while).

Well, since I really really really have to take a piss, I’ll get back to you some other day. Tomorrow I’ll go buy myself some US dollars… Hopefully they’ve got it:)
– I can’t really believe I’m leaving in a week…! See ya!

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