Thursday Tuesday Monday

Agh, this Thursday feels like a Tuesday. And Tuesday is the new Monday.
Mondays are kind of cool nowadays.

I don’t have time to elaborate, I’m gonna have to get my breakfast real soon, then it’s up to the University again and study. I had some bad luck this time in terms of study schedule. 2 classes Tuesday, 1 class Wednesday and 1 class Thursday. I’m working Monday and Friday (and some evenings). I’d better have 2 classes Tuesday and 2 classes Wednesday, and take the first half of or the entire Thursday off. Studying for me isn’t partying or sexing girls. You can do that anywhere in the world. Studying is chilling at a favourite café and read good shit literature. Academic or not. You need an entire day off to do that, and weekends are my only ones thus far.

Then maybe you have some ideas, start jotting down an essay, and you’re halfway there.
What’s good is that I don’t have any exams this fall. Only essays. Last week I handed in a qualifying essay for one of the courses, and next week I’ll get the exam essay for another course. The third one is kind of special, since it is more an essay writing course than a course in Meta Ethics. Now that essay will have to be pretty sharp, as you can imagine, and I haven’t had the outlook to get friendly with all the material yet. But you don’t have to be an expert on all the writers, just one of them.
And I love Intention by Anscombe, so I guess that’ll be my choice.
We’ll see.

I feel better now, having had some coffee and taken the time to whine about it to all of you. That’s what this blog is about, making me feel better. And the occasional entertainment of happy hamsters singing We are the World by Michael Jackson or something.
They played Dangerous at the last party I was at, btw. Great album.

In addition there are some other problems. One includes a new flat and the other involves a blond girl that scribbled down dirty words in my notebook. No, I’m not telling you. Not right now anyway. This page is becoming high-profile in some circles. And stay the fuck away from my notebooks.

Had a coffee with Kornelius yesterday evening. I had many cups of coffee. You won’t believe the kind of mojo he’s flailing around him like a warhammer at the new hangout. The café girls are falling flat down like flies. Which means free coffee all night. Kornelius won’t admit it of course, but it’s not me they’re sending all the longing looks. Reminds me of Aqualung (Jethro Tull);

Sitting on a park bench —
eyeing ittle girls with bad intent.

But Kornelius isn’t Aqualung. I guess I am.

What was I saying? Yeah. Longing looks of bodily-emotional imprisonment. They’re looking for a hero to free them from the hen house! The cock *cough* I mean the rooster! Now you all know. And Kornelius knows. And his aunt in central Europe knows.

That puts a smile on my face. Feels good to be a little evil. See ya.

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