Don't mind the snow, it's not real

Some people say the "winter" is here. At best, they are lying. But most of them are in on a Northern-hemisphere conspiracy to carry out pragmatic mindcontrol. They are economists, garbage men, hairdressers, your wife, the underpaid East-European labour, the Pakistani taxi drivers, the government etc. Especially the government.

Because now, you see, they can force us to buy, buy, buy shit we don’t really need because winter is not really here. You buy electricity, firewood, sweaters, wool socks and every eatable item containing vitamin C. (Speaking of which, a co-habitant gave me an overdose of vitamin pills the other night. I hate pills. This only proves we’re willing to do everything for nice women. Mind control, people!) And that’s not to mention the X-mas madness. Buy, buy, buy,
Did you know Harrods in London started their X-mas display in July?

Check this out; There is no historical evidence for snow. Snorre, the oldest Norwegian/Icelandic historian, counts one day of bad weather in the entire year. And that was a rainy day. If he can’t be trusted, than 99% of older Norse history is trembling on thin ice.
Snow doesn’t really exist either. It is just a lower velocity of same matter causing a lighter, crystalized structure with few of the surface properties of falling water. It’s still water, though. H20
The question we must ask ourselves is this; who is slowing down the atmospheric velocity?

The beneficiaries of "winter" are many.
But this runs real deep. Could you imagine a tourist brochure of Norway without pictures of white, crystallized water? This is high up, or deep down, if you want. Innovation Norway inc. with all the government branches involved innit. But we can will ourselves out of it. If we stay together. If we refuse to recognize this "winter", they will soon see we’re a force to be reckoned with.

So I’m freezing my ass off in my khaki shorts.

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