Here and back again, and there, and over there, and back again

I recently had an experience where I would, with a probability of 0.9, have come out like the great knight in shining armor (that I am). I’m not sure if it really counts when you’re expecting it, but this was one of those situations where I would’ve defeated the dragon, ruined a small tennis shoe enterprise, and ended up with a fair girl in my arms, for (90%) sure! I would’ve had her right there! In my arms! Me – the salvation embodied!
A girl wearing a uniform, I should add.

But I’m not going to tell you about it.

So, what have I been up to lately? In my complete absence from my own log?
I’ve been trying not to die from stress. It’s hard, not to die, but it kind of pays off. It sucks if you end up living dead. I mean, death is kind of hard to live with. Unless you’re speaking about the Grim Reaper himself of course. There are no known boundaries to what kind of roommates you put up with. And their rituals. Presently, I have been notified about a waffle ceremony taking place at the other side of my wall. I didn’t get any waffles. Girls only. Some sort of lesbian ceremony, I suppose.
But stress!

I feel like Scrat from Ice Age. Here’s my list:

1) Reading for and writing exam essays on Habermas, Anscombe and NA
2) Working odd hours (guess where I’m at now?)
3) Doing too many favors for ppl who don’t know it’s a favor
4) Attending all lectures/tutorials
5) Reading World History till daybreak (I’m currently in the French Revolution)
6) A chick who don’t take no for an answer. Hey you, read: NO!
7) Lots of bad and/or weird dreams lately. Day rythm worsening.
8) Can’t stop smoking. Drinking Saturdays.
9) Sleeping/cleaning house Sunday
10) Zero or reduced writing adds enormously to frustration. In fact, move 10) to 1).

To illustrate, let me pick out my favourite dream this month.
I’m walking in a big, old marsh filled with green grass. There’s a steep hill in front, remnants of fences some places, a birch wood to the right and also a drench between me and the hill, where a fat sewer pipe sticks out (like the one Lex hides in in Jurassic Park). It’s fine, Scottish weather, and kind of chilly. I’m walking there, with no apparent direction in mind, and there are some other people there too (but they have less importance in the dream).
That’s when a number of bears appear in a circle around us. For some reason I remember that it was six bears in total, but I’m not sure if that’s a false memory. The point is, I, and whomever I was with, was surrounded. And these bears looked like I’ve touched on their sacred ground.
I start to run. For the hill, for the pipe. There’s one of them standing on top of the pipe, but I’m not sure if he’s caught my scent yet, and I make a go for it. The bear kills me, or I just imagine this and change my mind, because a second later I’m back in the middle of the field, and the bears are closing in.

As some of you know, my name means Victorious Bear.
There’s no doubt I’m chasing myself from many different directions.
But who wins? The dream never finished. So it’s up to me.

You can add to that my bad conscience for not having the time to blog about it:)
Because that’s what this blog is all about. Me. And if I don’t update it, who will? I will need a page. Alexander the Great had this guy following him around, taking notes that were – after careful censoring – sent home to Macedonia for publishing. Alexander the Great had a log too. But if I had been Alexander the Great, I’d been too mixed up in trivial matters of utter and complete nonsense to partake in my own conquests. I would just have been Alexander. Just Alexander. And someone else got the Egyptian chick. No wait, that was Julius Caesar. Well, you get the point.

And just when this post started to make sense, I have to leave. It’s one a.m. I gotta get out of here now. There’s the rest of the French Revolution waiting for me in bed at home, and I don’t want them to start without me. See ya!

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