«How are you doing?»

That was the question a mate called and asked me today. To tell you the truth, I’m miserable, and I’m not doing great at all. I feel like my head’s full of cotton, my neck’s so tense I can barely turn it, and when I wake up in the morning I can’t feel my throat at all. It’s that sore.

As you can imagine, I’ve got the flu.
It is the worst thing I know of, being sick. Why? Because, since I don’t usually have any spare time to lay around like a rotting carcass, drinking Orange Juice till my bowels are ready for replacement, how the heck can I have the time to do that when I’m sick? And When My Exams Have To Be Written?

I do my best. I try to balance shit. Not oversleeping too much and not straining myself over the books. But I have to deliver at least one of the three exams (I’d prefer doing all three of them, but the hope grows fainter by the hour) or else I’m in deep, financial shit.

Throw in a sudden suicide that caught me completely off guard, causing a state of chaos among my friends here and elsewhere, and you’ve got the situation pretty covered. You can see it’s hard for me to focus 100% on the small nuances of pragmatic speech act interpretations..? I will do my best and be satisfied.
My condolences to those he left behind.

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