I should be sleeping..

It’s full moon.. I can feel hair growing from my ass..

Just one more night, Sigg3, I tell myself. One more angst-ridden night, and then it’ll ALL be over! But I can’t sleep. Some cats are getting it on across the street, I can hear them just fine from my bed, and then there’s the strange urge to scratch myself behind the ear with my foot. I glance at the calendar on the opposite wall, and a freeze from hell extends from my back to each end-nerve throughout my body.
It is the Eve of the Exam!
*dah dah daaaaaaah!*

Damn. Can’t really do them sound effects without, you know, sound…

I’m handing in my exam tomorrow! Yes! A free man! About time.. I’ve got it up to here with German philosophers! Today I reached that final point where you start Not Writing Any More. Instead you polish what you’ve got. It’s the point where you face facts; if I couldn’t do it up until now, then I’m sure as hell not gonna pull it through tonight.
Last night when I couldn’t fall asleep either, I got the giggles. In my head a wrote an entire new script to Star Trek the Next Generation, before collapsing in laughter and drool at around five a.m. Can’t wait for that normality to return sometime soon.

First there was the end of the semester. Reading for the exams. Then I got the flu. Then I got really sick. Then I got a new deadline, and here I am! The proud wreck of having had nothing but universal pragmatics on my mind for as long I can remember. Today, when I got to the café to write, I started analyzing babies in terms of formal presuppositions I thought I could observe in their behavior.
If normality doesn’t return, I’ll go for a nervous breakdown. After all, it’s x-mas!

2 thoughts on “I should be sleeping..

  1. You’re finally going insane… but then, what’s sanity. Well, exams do that to people. I’ve been there myself and have never been “normal” ever since. :P

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