The time is still coming.. or going?

Leaving in a couple of days… I’ve got financial support from our beloved lanekassen which gives away approximately 20,000 NOK (about 2,000 USD) to me if I pass the exams (Ex.phil, Ex.fac and Introduction to Spanish). You’ve got to love the Norwegian educationsystem:) -In addition I’ve got my plaintickets and visa (no. Visum) too, so I’m practically ready to leave.

Today I’ll meet author Børre Antonsen for the first time in a couple of years, at CafĂ© Amsterdam in an hour or so. First of I’ll just have to pop by CBRZN to check my mail, which I am doing as we speak.

Kornelius will be around at half past 2 or something, and then I’ll phone him and hopefully guide him carefully into my arms.. eh, no. Into some part of the city where you don’t necessarily get beaten down or robbed or something…:) – I’ll probably update later today or tomorrow…

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