Happy b-day Stig-Oslash (kekepower)!

My cousin, Stig-Ø a.k.a kekePower, turns 34 this evening! Congratulations!
Stig hosts a few of my side-projects, and in addition most of the bizarre imagery of this blog. He’s also a good side-kick when I run into linux related problems. He’s into: computers, wiki and the web, metal music, science fiction, nice and fast cars, allthewhile raising a great family. If you want to help him get his dreamcar, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX, please see www.can-you-help-me.com. Or you can go to his Mindawn profile and download some of his music.

birthay bear pissed himself
Yeah, sorry about the bear, he insisted on those stupid dance moves. And the hat.

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