Happy New Year!

This has been a weird year for me. On the second last day of it, I must admit that it treated me gently in the beginning and the middle, only to seriously worsen towards the end. (I actually wanted to write fuck me in the ass but then I remembered there are children reading this blog.) But I’m seriously alright now, looking forward to start up new and fresh, picking up the pieces where I left them before autumn befell us.
And I’m really looking forward to tomorrow:)

Here are my New Year Resolutions for 2007 in do’s and don’ts:
1) Finish my on-going novel before the end of 07
2) Seriously consider to quit smoking
3) Reach a better balance between writing/working/studying
4) Stay alive
5) Clean up this site (XHTML 1.0 + CSS2)
6) Move to a new place and finish reading World History
7) NOT spend all my money on hangovers and trouble
8) Get filthy rich on a dirty novel
9) Expand my cooking skills (beyond egg & bacon, spaghetti and pizza)
10) Stay true to myself, to art and life, philosophy, people I love, people I will come to love, to literature and love itself, but also to what changes may be in store, to follow the Way.

If you have any interesting resolutions, please share them with us in the comments below. I hope that 2006 has been good for you, that 2007 will be better, and I wish you a Happy New Year!

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