Scariest picture of the day: Joseph Bromfield

This is definitely the scariest thing I’ve seen all week. His parents must be so proud. Joseph Bromfield loves his bench. Here he is, signalling discretely what he thinks about the bench.

[ Image removed due to heart failure of visitors. Click for big. ]

What’s your favorite memory?
I am most fond of sitting on the bench behind McKean by Lake Virginia at any time of day, with just about anybody, or even just by myself. That’s what I think of when I think of Rollins: the bench by Lake Virginia.

The bench.. 2nd scariest thing must be Ghetto Gospel by Elton John and 2Pac. I mean, I’m not sure what’s worse. That a dead guy sings with Elton John, or that Elton sings about the ghetto. Only the 2Pac parts are any good anyhow..

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