E-mailing me…

If you are somewhat confused when e-mailing me nowadays, it’s quite natural. Maybe you’re too stressful, or actually quite depressed. If none of these are the reasons, and you still are confused, it might be because of (medical reasons or) the fact that my auto-reply, tells you this:

"Hello, I’m currently in Cuba or in between stations of my travels:)

I will probably not be reading my mail for a while, so please be
patient. Your mail regarding (the subject of your mail) will be read the next time I’m
able to get my hands on a computer or when I return."

It’s not because I have left, I don’t do until Thursday, but it’s just a mental preparation for being "on the road again". Don’t worry, though, ’cause I’ll pop by regulary and give you updates and new females:)

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