More of my pictures coming to Sigg3 dot net

I’ve been planning a picture gallery for a long time, and I found some of my old backup discs with some of my pics. I’ll put up a picture gallery as soon as I’ve found the rest of them. Here are some teasers from different places and years.

Gargoyle in Scotland
Scottish gargoyle in Stirling (2003)

From Cojimar, East Havannah
Cojimar, Habana del’Este (2003)

Children in Kalma, Sudan
Children playing in a Darfur refugee camp, Sudan (2005)

Sigg3 puppy-lookalike
Doin’ my puppy-look in China (2002)

Don Quijote park in Habanah
The Don Quijote park in Habanah, Cuba (2003)

Found this on a floppy marked 1996. It may be one of the first, if not the first, work of art I ever made on a computer.
As you can see, I was something of a child prodigy. This is far from child’s play, the colour psychology and shape symbolism proposes a clear message. I firmly believed the rise of the agricultural sector would be the salvation of a failing democracy, which is why he’s going to the left, with that punky hair towards the turquoise background, and the wheels are red from the blood of the revolution. Also notice the profound choice of font, fixedsys, which clearly draws a parallell to technology-worshipping in its infancy.

Because I’m gonna be putting them all up at my cousin‘s server, I can’t give full access to all images due to bandwidth restrictions. So I’ll pick out the best ones so you can get some idea of what I’ve been doin’. But first, I’ll have to dig up the rest of them. So far, I’ve only found 200 pics from the China trip, for instance, while I know for a fact that I took around 700.

9 thoughts on “More of my pictures coming to Sigg3 dot net

  1. Faen er du fortsatt like hekta på AO? Det spillet krever jo sitt og det er kongelig avansert i forhold til andre MMOs for tiden :P

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