Ghetto Gospel – 2pac John

Going through some of my old mp3s, I came over quite a lot of rap music. And I discovered Ghetto Gospel by 2pac, with Elton John stepping in to do the chorus. What is he thinking? I really can’t get my mind around it. What’s the link between a street poet vs a gay in glasses? The result is balancing on the touching or the laughable:

Know what I mean?
Now, you can’t really have anything against Elton John. Like I said, he’s just a goofy gay with glasses. And he’s taken it on his shoulders to save the world with a piano and some questionable use of other people’s music. Good on you!
But his chorus makes out for less than 10% of the entire song, just check the lyrics here. And it isn’t really improving the song either. Why couldn’t he just leave it alone? Lastly, Elton John would never blend in with the head-strong street rappin’ mothafuckahs like 2pac. Yes, this is the ghetto gospel song, but change the record and you’ll have Military Minds feat. the Boot camp klik. Stone hard mothahfuckahs. While Elton, on the other hand, is a peace-lovin’ papahfuckah.. I’m out of words.

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