So, here's the news:)

I totally forgot to tell you what’s happening on my last update:) These things happen…

Well, first off I’ve been shopping like hell to get all the things I need for my 3 month stay in Cuba. Clothing is especially prioritized, but expensive as hell so I mostly just go window-shopping (a passtime I couldn’t care less about).

In addition, Kornelius and Vanja teamed up with me the last Saturday, and we got good and drunk at this bar I visited a year ago. It was still intimate and cheap; just the way I like it. Could’ve been more ppl there, considering it was saturday night, but hey! You can’t get it all.

Pauly has been bugging me since I (still) don’t have any Norwegian girls in my official Female of the year contest (candidates) so let me do this once and for all; Norwegian girls in a whole other league than the females compeeting to be Sigg3 dot net‘s official postergirl 03. I mean… Lene Marlin? Fuck no!

Last evening I saw the Monza Grand Prix (Italy) over at a friend’s house, drinking ice-cold Coke and smoking cigarettes:) It was a great race, and once again Michael "Schumie" Schumacher (Ferrari) proved he is worth the titles he’s won previously. It was a close race, though, especially between him and the Columbian driver Montoya (William’s BMW). For once, Raikkonen stayed where he belongs – a long step from any pollposition. But hey! That’s just my prejudice against Finnish guys.

..Oh, and I almost forgot; I visited FAFO today, and guess what: I HAVE A JOB!! Great! Took me a couple of hours getting there, though. Oslo is more than Karl Johan st., that’s for sure:)

I leave in a couple of days… Can’t wait:)

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