The first time I tasted ravioli

So I had a dream last night. It was a nightmare, but since I fell asleep right away again, I don’t remember much of it. Instead a girl was blended in there somehow. Does that happen to you? You have like a long and deep dream going, and it’s really convincing. Like one where you travel around and there are the same characters throughout it, some sort of plot – but at the end everything gets a bit weird, you start waking up and all of a sudden there’s a girl in the dream!? Sometimes she isn’t even wearing any clothes. Butt naked. Right in there. It’s like she didn’t have the time to get dressed because she was just hauled onto stage at the last minute.
– You’re on, kitty!
– What? I’m not even in this script?
– Hurry! He’s half-awake!
– But I don’t have any clothes on!
– It doesn’t have to make sense, just get in there! Pronto!

In this particular dream she didn’t even play an erotic part.. She was just there.
Anyway, it was a metal man chasing me. Not the T1000 or the T100 with the rubber skin. This must’ve been T0.0.1 (beta) which you need floppies and a bit of a kick in the arse to boot up. Probably runs on explosive Dell lithium batteries too, duration six hours, then he must be plugged into the socket. Even the tin man from the Wizard of Oz looked more advanced. I don’t remember what was happening, what he was there for, who the girl was and what we might have ended up doing. I don’t remember anything of importance really, which makes this a crap post. And we didn’t find Sarah Connor.

I blame the ravioli.
Yesterday I was going for some cowboy food, which is minute steak with bread, butter and canned tomato beans. It’s simple, cheap, gives you a little gas, but fills you up long enough to survive until the next day. For some reason I stumbled over the Ravioli cans that were situated on the same aisle, and it got me thinking about when Nina from Codename Nina (fr. La Femme Nikita) gets out in the real world again and she’s going to the shop not having a clue what to buy. Just like me. Except I’ve never really been anywhere else but the real world since the day I was born. And I’m not secretly trained to kill people on assignment.. Anyway, I realized I had never tasted ravioli in my entire life.
So in the spirit of Nina I brought a can with me, thought it’d be something of an alternative cowboy meal, but not like in the Brokeback Mountain kind of way. But I did look for hot chicks trying to pick me up because of the ravioli. Apparently, I was the only one thinking about the movie in the entire shop.

When the dinner was served I soon found out that ravioli isn’t anything like tomato beans, and that it doesn’t really go that well with minute steak since what ravioli really is, is flat meat balls with pasta around it. So I had steak, meatballs and pasta. Not to mention the extra cheese I’d added, for nutrition. Not exactly what you’re gonna get out on the prarie is it? I ate my hat.

I think that’s where the nightmare came from. Just listen.
Ravioli is essentially little meat bags, and people are essentially little meat bags. And I can remember back to when I was something like ten years old, reading the Punisher comics, and in one story there were people-eating demon cars that ate people (doh!). And they called people meat bags! But since I really can’t remember much of it, except for the metal man/robot character chasing me and waking up with a twitch, I can’t really be sure. Ever. But now I know what ravioli’s like. It’s highly overrated and it doesn’t awake interest from the female sex, contrary to what films like Nina want you to believe. There you have it. The undisguised truth.

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