Moussaka slurpee

I’m not very conscious about what I eat and not eat. I just eat. Last couple of weekends I’ve had at least one (1) 250 gram cheeseburger with fries, that you need some soda and at least a couple of hours to digest. Why? Because I’m worth it. Other times, however, I forget about eating alltogether. I’d like it to balance out, you know, but I know that the fats of junkfood is not regular fat, so I’m going to become a fat bastard when I grow up.

Findus Moussaka

Anyway, I bought a Moussaka from Findus the other day, and followed the instructions on the pack. It said you could get the same result (picture) in one of two ways: oven for fifty minutes or microwave for about ten. Great, I thought. If they’ve written it on the pack it has to be true! There’s a law in Norway that states that about advertising.
I was sadly mistaken. After following the instructions, including putting it three minutes aside to let the heat spread afterwards, I was granted the dubious honor of having wasted my last cash on hot moussaka slurpee. It pissed me off for various reasons: 1) now I had to buy more food, 2) that was my last cash and 3) I was in a hurry and I trusted their unlawful instructions. Like any responsible consumer, I jot down an e-mail to Findus right away (translated):

Hi there!

I just wanted to let you know that you could sell your Moussaka as slurpee. Because that’s what you end up with, if you follow the instructions on the back. Soup.
Good luck!
Sincerely, Sigge
"Cat food may stink a bit but if you don’t put up with the smell the little kitten will die." – Karl Pilkington

I don’t consider myself to be picky, but I wouldn’t have bought it if I didn’t believe what the package was saying. I was in a hurry, going to meet a friend, so it seemed like the best choice. Anyway, today Findus replied:

We are sorry that the Moussaka did not meet the expectations and was soft after heating.

We have contacted our factory and made them aware about the case, and they have checked whether the production lately has been normal. So far they haven’t found any Moussakas with the same symptoms you have experienced, and no irregularities have been detected in the production process.
They say that the form should be put aside to rest a couple of minutes after frying so that it sets.

Findus Norge AS has a very strict quality control on all its raw materials and finished products, and we are greatful that you contacted us in this case. We hope this case was an exception.

What exactly does that mean? You opened all the packages of Moussaka in the factory and fried them to see that absolutely none of them yielded the same result? Give me a break! And yes, I followed all the tips on the package, or else I wouldn’t have been inclined to notify you about it, would I? Ahh, forget it.

But you are right that this case was an exception. I’m not buying Findus any more.

One thought on “Moussaka slurpee

  1. When I was in Greece with me gf, I ate real moussaka at a restaurant. I’ll get the pics up and running soon:)

    Ohh, and the taste? DELICIOUS! AWRG! ME WANT MORE!

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