The French environmental organization called L’Alliance pour la Planète is encouraging everyone to takeAction pour la planète! part in the greatest mobilization of the citizens of the world, to amass greater awareness among people, politicians and the media regarding power consumption. In the demonstration simply called Action! they ask all of us to turn off our electrical devices, light, heating etc. on February the 1st 2007 between 19:55 and 20:00

Link of the day: (English translation)

Take part in the greatest mobilization of citizens against the Climate Change!

«Alliance pour la Planète» (french group of environmental associations) give a simple call to all the citizens, 5 minutes of respite for planet:
Everybody turn off its stand-by devices and lights on February 1, 2007 between 19h55 and 20h00. It is not meant to save 5 minutes of energy only on that day, but to draw the attention of the citizens, media and decision makers on the waste of energy and the urgency to take action!

5 minutes of respite for ourplanet: it does not require a long time, it does not cost anything, and most important: it will show to the politicians that the climate change is a subject which must weigh in the political debate.

Why on February 1? On that day in Paris, the new Report from climate change experts from the United Nations will come out (Fourth Assessment Report "Climate Change 2007", IPCC). This event will take place in France: one should not miss this occasion to point out the light on the urgency of the world climate situation. If we all take of it, this action will have a real mediatic and political impact, less than three months before the presidential election!

Translate in your own language, forward this call to the maximum of persons around you and in all your family and surroundings…

Now. I will be doing this. It’s only 5 minutes, and if everyone does it, it should have an enormous impact on the electrical grid. Not to mention the huge amounts of power saved by five minutes alone. It is mainly for France, but if we can make this viral news, maybe we can conquer Europe, America, the entire world in a five minute pause. Think about it!

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  1. I was still at work when the demo was, so I managed to turn off the lights on two floors before the bell rang.

    I was frustrated to notice that the church next door turned all their lights ON at the exact same time I was turning ours OFF.
    Turned out they were holding a vigil for world climate, and rang the bells this morning in the entire country. I forgive them their insolence.

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