A reason to LOL for real (Parental Advisory: Disturbing images)

I was reading slashdot this morning, and for some reason (probably because of the geek factor) they ran a story regarding the release date of the last Harry Potter book. Great. Maybe we can move on now, and forget this embarrasing part of our history. Let’s just all agree to never mention the name of Potter or Rowling again, okay?

But reading the summary (never read TFA) you could hear the tubes of the internet clog, as Harry Potter related jokes rushed through the pipes world-wide causing the world wide web to bend in virtual gravity. Among the many "Potter dies on page 523. I just saved you $29." t-shirt jokes and "OMG!1Ponies!1111!1" comments, I was hurled to these pictures: Harry Potter. Naked. With a horse.

That is the most revolting thing I have seen all week. To illustrate; when I went home at around eleven or twelve p.m. last night, I accidently caught a hooker giving some family guy a blow-job in his car right outside the church. For real. But the pictures above are worse. The horse doesn’t help. Today I saw pictures of myself. Didn’t even come close. So to make that up to myself, I passed them along to my brother Koew:

Sigg3: omfg
Sigg3: http://www.equustheplay.com/pr/index.php
Koew: hang on
Sigg3: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows release date announced!
Sigg3: /. headline:p
Koew: :P

[Koew gets there..]

Koew: WTF!
Koew: hahah the boss walked right in
Sigg3: LOL
Koew: and wondered what the pictures were
Koew: with the horse
Sigg3: ROFL
Koew: I was just errrr….
Koew: wtf was I supposed to say
Koew: she was "What are those pictures?"
Koew: first I went totally quiet
Koew: couldn’t remove the site when she’d first seen ’em
Sigg3: LOL
Koew: :D:D:D
Sigg3: yeah, what did you say?
Koew: but I got back in the saddle
Koew: said that it was Harry Potter!
Sigg3: nude. with a horse.
Koew: >35b6nj
Koew: haaahahahah
Sigg3: this is blogged
Koew: fuck you

In other news… there’s been some undercover shit going on in my street this week. Well, not only this week. I hope someone from the Oslo police department are reading this. Do you know the white van? The one that you survey the hood with, parking at the same spot every time? The one with undercover cops in it?
Everybody knows about it.
You want to know how we figured it out? Well, maybe you should train your undercover cops not to have casual chats with passing police vehicles, eh? No one in this area have casual chats with the police. Have you read the grafiti ’round here?

Three nights ago I worked over-time and got home at around one a.m in the morning. Five un-covered police officers were hanging outside a building talking to someone. Kept my head down and didn’t think much of it, even though it was two blocks down. I’m getting used to this. But then, the night after at around the same time, they were there again. Except there was about ten of them, in two police vans, wearing combat armor! They even had those see-thru shields!
Something had gone down, and they were packing up their sci-fi equipment when I passed them. I must have looked a bit worried, or at least interested, as one of the guys beckoned to me from across the street: Nothing to worry about! Yeah. Let me guess. That’s why you’re wearing combat armor from the Starship Troopers movie, right? Don’t think they caught anyone, though. I could see some disappointed faces behind the anti-terror masks.

In even other news… they took new photos for the employees at work today. Even I had to do it. I mean, I’m an IT consultant, so the only time you’re gonna see me is either at lunch or as a little icon on the skype contact list. Good to have a picture then. But it was quite fun. The photographer was really cute, I bet she couldn’t be much older than me, and she kept saying that I looked really good on camera. What’s that word? Photogenic. I disagree, but I thought I’d share one with you anyway, since it’s weekend and all.

Sigg3, February 2007

Yup, that’s me, wearing my James Dean leather jacket and my rabbit fur hat. Like I use to say; any man with respect for himself should wear clothes that had to be killed first. Besides, it’s freakin’ cold in Oslo these days.. I also added my head without the hat, as you can see, so you don’t have to wonder whether I’ve got hair or not. I hope they use the one with the hat for the employee web page. Kick ass!
Have a nice weekend, folks!

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