Female of the day: Mili Avital

Have you ever seen Stargate? Yes? Then you must’ve wondered who that beautiful girl playing Sha’Uri is! Her name is Mili Avital, a jewish actress borned in Jerusalem and raised in Ra’anana (not far from Tel Aviv).

Mili Avital

But this beautiful, Isreali princess just doesn’t show up in Action movies. Oh, no. In pseudo-western Dead Man also starring Johnny Depp she is the root of all action, the very reason Johnny Depp is forced to run away and live a life on the run… Nuff said!

She’s not a very known actress, however, so you will probably find just a few pages about her on the web. Luckily, I’ve found the best place to dig further into the world of Mili Avital’s beauty; Mili Avital, the sensual delight. (I knew the host of this page a couple of years ago, when I too decided to make a Mili Avital fanpage. The project was rejected by my timeschedule though..)

Mili Avital in: Dead Man | Stargate | Miscellanous pics

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