Just a little mantra for you

The kid doing his civil service here now, has a habit of eating his lunch watching movies on the computer. No harm done, I reckon. I’d be the last to deny any office worker some entertainment during work hours. We all need to stress down a bit.

But wearing headsets somehow encourages him to make the most out of the audible parts of eating, that you would normally tone down (unless you’re from East Asia), e.g. slurping, moaning, sighing, burping, gasping, chewing, swallowing. Every lunch hour turns into an orgy of digestion in dolby surround. And he’s on the opposite side of our vast office.

Conversely, I could show up to work wearing a blindfold one day. And because I couldn’t see anything, heck, why don’t I just go around naked in all of Nature’s Glory? It’s not like I can see anything so how can it bother anyone else, right?

Even though you can’t hear the world, it does not mean the world can’t hear you.

3 thoughts on “Just a little mantra for you

  1. Or just record it, enhance the grunting and set it to every sound on his computer. Click->sound, Keyboard->sound, Open app->sound, Close app->sound, Play media->sound, Shutdown->sound aso…

  2. Ho-hum. Good ideas. But I think that’s illegal. It hasn’t stopped me before, but I wouldn’t like being tapped myself.
    Wouldn’t be too hard though, as he’s using a headset with microphone.
    All I need is a silent rec app with voice activation. Or instead of just recording it, I could record it over whatever he was watching at the time.
    So the next time he fired up a Friends episode, it would be all nasty.

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