To all the ravers in the nation

Yesterday, I received a parcel containing the Dune album from Dune (1995), which kids today would call EDM or something. It’s a nice album containing Hardcore vibes, Positiv energy and the infamous Are you ready to fly? single, which were choice tunes from my early teens. It’s a nice, fast-paced album with just enough high-pitched […]

Going North of the Wall for our summer vacation

Bollicks to this, we’re off to Nordland! It’s that time of year again, when we lay down our worries, undervolt our ghetto Bitcoin miners, climb into the VW Golf and head up north. This year, no different than last year, I will be writing on my MA thesis. It should have been finished a long […]

Five Last Flicks we watched

The Dead (2005) This infamous little film would have completely missed my attention, had it not been for a list of interesting zombie flicks I found online, that previously made me finally watch Romero’s Dawn of the Dead from 1978. This movie probably suffers from a little hindsight. Today we have AMC’s Walking Dead series […]

“My Summer Car” Finnish Game Trailer

I just wanted to share this extremely realistic Finnish driving simulator, My Summer Car, as narrated by its Finnish creator. This really brings me back memories from my youth, even though I never got around to buying my own car, and I wasn’t in that exhaust smelling gangs myself. But driving aimlessly around in the […]