Presenting the last female of the day: Milla Jovovich

That´s right! The last one of the twelve representative females of Sigg3 dot net 2003 is finally ready for exposure. It´s another one of my personal favourites, especially from the movie Fifth Element where she plays a supreme being known as Leelo. Ladies and gents! We´re talking about: Milla Jovovich! Now all the 12 combating […]

Female of the day (by request) : Katie Holmes!

One of Sigg3 dot net readers suggested Dawson’s Creek‘s Katie Holmes. I’ve never seen a single episode of this farspread show, but I can imagine it must be something in-between "Friends" and "Passions". And I really like "Passions":) So I checked her out. Here’s an extract from my preliminary report: "Katie Holmes a.k.a Katherine Noelle […]