FOY 2004 Salma Hayek page complete!

Finally I’ve pulled myself together and completed the FOY 2004: Salma Hayek page that you’ve all been waiting for!

This year I’ve also posted the correct ranking by number of posts:)
Hope you’ll enjoy it. I know Salma does.

I took the liberty of changing the Salma smallpic, since that old one (with the baroque clothing from Wild Wild West) was really not doing justice on her. As you can see, Angelina Jolie the winner of FOY 2003 has disappeared from my mainpage, but you can still reach her through the tribute page. Lost, but not forgotten:)

Female of the Year 2004: Salma Hayek

I haven’t had the chance nor the energy to really congratulate the Female of the Year 2004, namely Salma Hayek who won with a good 5% lead in front of the America-favoured Elisha Cuthbert who got 34% of the votes. Congratulations, Salma!

I was taken aback when Pauly got sick just before New Year’s Eve and in and around x-mas, because his plea to make readers vote really boosted Cuthbert’s chances leaving the FOY 2004 #3 femme, Anna Kournikova, back with only about one fifth of the votes. And I must admit that I was certain Cuthbert was going to win.

But it didn’t end so. Shortly after the voters of FOY had crossed my 550 vote line and also the 650 vote line, MIB reorganized his minions, drafting voting-soldiers from around the parts of the web he’s hanging out at and yet again I was taken aback. Here’s a taste of his chatlogs.

On January the 1st at around 4pm I managed to pull myself together to officially end the election. The final results spoke clearly, and from my webstatistics there are no reason to believe any foul play was involved from any parties. In fact, it’s all politics.
The exact order of the femmes will be published later this week on the Female of the Year 2004 page. Feel free to comment this year’s contest on that page.

Once again I must thank you all for participating. I am honestly without words when I see the dedication of some of FOY’s voters, and all honour to you as this competition and webpage as a whole would’ve been nothing without you. Thank you again!

Final Results, Female of the Year 2004: Salma Hayek

These are the final results in Female of the Year 2004.
It’s been fun! Thank you for participating!

Elisha Cuthbert: 34%
Jessica Alba: 1%
Audrey Hepburn: 0%
Jolene Blalock: 1%
Tara Reid: 0%
Salma Hayek: 39%
Anna Kournikova: 18%
Charlize Theroni: 0%
Andrea Diaz: 0%
Kristanna Loken: 0%
Keira Knightley: 1%
Kate Beckinsale: 1%

Number of votes: 846

Note: I’ll write more later. Now I’ll just return to my hangover and Tom & Jerry marathon. Oh, and happy new year to you all! Hope it’s gonna be a good one!

FOY 2004: Reaching for 550 votes

Winning the race?The 29th of December, and nearly five houndred and fifty votes have been cast, primarily among three top notch femmes namely: Salma Hayek (35%), Elisha Cuthbert (29%) and Anna Kournikova (26%). I hope we can at least reach 600 votes before january the 1st, but to overthrow the Hayek dominance, runner-ups will need plenty of votes. Last year’s poll got 502 votes.

Elisha Cuthbert: 29%
Jessica Alba: 1%
Audrey Hepburn: 0%
Jolene Blalock: 2%
Tara Reid: 0%
Salma Hayek: 35%
Anna Kournikova: 26%
Charlize Theroni: 0%
Andrea Diaz: 0%
Kristanna Loken: 0%
Keira Knightley: 1%
Kate Beckinsale: 0%
Number of votes: 545

Don’t forget to vote!
The polls close sometime during the 1st of January. When I wake up.

And on a side note, Halle Berry was elected the most beautiful actress of Hollywood by the Parade Magazine’s readers this week. Nearly 3100 votes places Halle on the top in front of Catherine Zeta-Jones (19%), Angelina Jolie (14%), Jennifer Lopez (7%) and Kate Hudson (6%). (Read all about it)

Last poll count before X-MAS

Yup. I’m going away for x-mas, and my updating capabilities will be strongly reduced. I’ll be like Superman with earrings of Cryptonite. Reduced.

Elisha Cuthbert: 27%
Jessica Alba: 1%
Audrey Hepburn: 0%
Jolene Blalock: 3%
Tara Reid: 0%
Salma Hayek: 29%
Anna Kournikova: 30%
Charlize Theroni: 0%
Andrea Diaz: 1%
Kristanna Loken: 1%
Keira Knightley: 1%
Kate Beckinsale: 0%

Number of votes: 313

As we can see from the figures, Russian Anna Kournikova has a small lead on the two follow ups, Hayek and Cuthbert. Last year the Russian popduo t.A.T.u managed to get a few votes, but Kournikova has brought Russian femmes to new heights. Thanks for everyone voting so far, but we are far from finished! Vote!

More than 200 votes in twelve days!!

Yup. The figures ain’t lyin’, baby.

At the time of writing 218 votes have been cast. It’s outrageous! It’s fantastic! It’s phenomenal! It’s…
I think I just wet my pants.

Anywho. Here’s the latest:

Elisha Cuthbert: 26%
Jessica Alba: 0%
Audrey Hepburn: 0%
Jolene Blalock: 4%
Tara Reid: 0%
Salma Hayek: 31%
Anna Kournikova: 32%

Charlize Theroni: 0%
Andrea Diaz: 1%
Kristanna Loken: 2%
Keira Knightley: 0%
Kate Beckinsale: 0%

The front-runners are continuing the race, but Jolene Blalock is still clinging on to that shred of hope. And hope there is! There are still days left until the 1st of January, so go and vote!
Remember that 0% doesn’t necessarily mean that these gals haven’t got any votes. When the contest is over, I’ll go through the statistics more carefully.

On an additional note, I’d like to focus your attention in MIB’s direction, since he has posted a big banner _on the front of his frontpage_ advertising his favourite in this year’s Female of the Year. That’s the kind of spirit I like to see around the web. You will have to visit his site to find out who I’m talking about. I had a dream about that particular candidate a few nights ago. It was something different, I assure you.

Over 100 votes in 6 days!

That’s right, boys and girls! Allthough the delays of this year’s FOY contest have undoubtedly caused some restlessness, people are still eager to vote on their favourite female! Here’s the women who’s gotten any:

Elisha Cuthbert: 30%
Jessica Alba: 1%
Jolene Blalock: 2%
Salma Hayek: 29%
Anna Kournikova: 27%
Andrea Diaz: 2%
Kristanna Loken: 2%

It seems we currently have three front-runners, just like last year, but we still have more than three weeks left before the winner will be announced.

On a general note I’d just like to add that winter has come to Oslo in its most terrifying way. Women are all packed-in in big, flobby coats and furs. It’s the season of impregnable imagination. So, even though your bedside is cold, literally untouched, by the goodness grace of a gracious girl, keep warm by focusing on the femmes present in FOY. It warms your feet. Don’t forget to vote!

Female of the Year 2004

It’s that time of year again. What time? The time to let the show begin. We are talking about Female of the Year 2004. Which girl will have the qualities needed to prove worthy of staying on the front page of Sigg3 dot net for an entire year? Last year it was Angelina Jolie (FOY 2003). This year, we have these 12 girls participating, in chronological order:

  • January: Elisha Cuthbert
  • February: Jessica Alba
  • March: Audrey Hepburn
  • April: Jolene Blalock
  • May: Tara Reid
  • June: Salma Hayek
  • July: Anna Kournikova
  • August: Charlize Theroni
  • September: Andrea Maria Milroy Diaz
  • October: Kristanna Loken
  • November: Keira Knightley
  • December: Kate Beckinsale

Click here to vote!

The voting, beginning today the 1st, will last until the 1st of January at an appropriate time (probably when I’ve been able to drag my drunk ass out of bed:)
If you want to check out the nominations of these women, you should check out the fresh Female of the Year 2004 page, and find your special one to click. And of course, let’s not forget the FOY 2003 tribute to Angelina Jolie.

FOY 2004, December girl: Kate Beckinsale

In the row of 12 females to participate in this grande election, our December girl is the only one nominated by a woman (thank you, Amanda)! Apart from being an actress on the rise, this girl who was born in 1973 is/was also an aspiring artist. She won the W. H. Smith Young Writers’ Competiton twice, once for several short-stories and then for her poetry.

FOY 04, December: Kate Beckinsale

She’s seen in several famous movies, including Pearl Harbor, Underworld (I knew I’d seen her before!) and Van Helsing. You can find some great, almost artistic pictures over at’s Beckinsale page! We welcome her as the final female to enter this year’s contest, and wish her all the luck!

FOY 2004, November girl: Keira Knightley

November is chilly and the introduction to a cold, dark winter. …which is why it is surprising that our November girl is so hot!! She’s a West Ham United supporter, but more famous for her appearance in SW1: The Phantom Menace as Queen Amidala’s decoy, and her roles in movies like The Hole, Pirates of the Caribbean and King Arthur (playing Guinevere).

November 04, Keira Knightley

I was unable to find any larger fansites of Knightley, something I find odd, because she is immensely cute (see the first pic below). There’s no doubt of her worth and she was immediately accepted into our Female of the Year contest.

I haven’t had the chance to see King Arthur yet, but after seeing the pictures I guess I will have to pretty soon:) We wish Keira good luck, only lacking ONE contestant before we can proceed with the FOY 2004 election! There’s still time to suggest a female to the contest!