FOY 2006, October girl: Mischa Barton

No. FOY is not re-opened. I just accepted this for the heck of it.
Mischa Anne M. Barton was born 24th of January 1986.. (uhm.. hang on a minute.. She’s just twenty!.. I’m getting old).. in London. Her first big film appearance was as Diane in Polio Water when she was 9 years olds. She’s famous for films such as Sixth Sense, Notting Hill and a Bonnie & Clyde remake, none of which I’ve seen, but her most famous role is as Marissa Cooper in television series The OC. Which I haven’t seen either. But she looks good:

Mischa Barton

She’s half Irish, one more reason to like her, and among her feats is a #52 ranking in FHM’s "100 Sexiest Women in the World 2005" special supplement. If this is what she looks like after a Saturday night downtown, then I’ve got to marry her. Who wouldn’t want to snuggle up to that?
Currently she’s on the cover of Vogue.. I was told.

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FOY 2005, January girl: Milla Jovovich

She was nominated for Female of the Year the first time in December 2003. The final count of votes released the 30th of November 03 revealed these stunning results:
1. Angelina Jolie: 33%
2. Milla Jovovich: 29%
3. Katie Holmes: 25%
(with over 500 votes alltogether!)

By reading the Female of the Year 2003 election process you can see that the three top candidates changed positions almost over the night. Jovovich was, for instance, in the lead on the 28th of November! I think that clarifies any doubt as to her popularity and justified place among the Sigg3 dot net Femmes.
I nominate her again in this year’s contest, since my heart is still dedicated to her. Since her great feat in Fifth Element playing Leeloo, she has done a terrific job in movies like Resident Evil I and II, not to mention her interpretation of Jeanne d’Arc in The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc.

You should check out her IMDB page and of course, her official website.
She was born in Kiev in Soviet, now Ukraine, and started expressing her artistic side rather early. Today she’s a well-know actress and also an international spokeswoman of L’Oreal. She apparantly preferres Dostoevsky before Vladimir Nabokov’s literature. But nobody’s perfect.

Female of the Year 2005: A reminder of the rules

Since it is about the time when you realize that summer will be over some day after all, I think we should recommence our interest in the women. The Female of the Year nominees. You can nominate, as always, by dropping me a line and tell me who you think should be Female of the Year 2005.

Previous FOY contests:
Female of the Year 2004: Salma Hayek
Female of the Year 2003: Angelina Jolie

Let me remind you of the rules:

  1. None of last year’s nominees can be nominated this year. The same applies to last year’s winner previous winners.
  2. There can only be 12 women in the final contest, one for each month.
  3. All the nominees must be women. If in doubt, I’ll ignore the suggested person.
  4. All suggestions and requests to nominees MUST contain a 50-word explanation of why just this woman should be part of the contest.
  5. The nominee does not have to be a worldstar, but it must be possible to track down at least 1 – one – product the person has produced or participated in producing.
  6. When the final voting begins it is I who decide when it is finished, but a date (which can be changed!) will be presented in advance.
  7. The rules may be changed as we go along as a results of any complications that could occour.
  8. The votes passed using my dedicated poll-system are the only ones that counts. DO NOT E-MAIL ME YOUR VOTE
  9. Have fun!

Suggest a female through this form:!

You can find a list of last year’s nominees at
Since you are so shy to tell me why you want to nominate your particular one, I removed the rule that required a 50 word explanation. But please state that she’s hot, at least. I have also changed the rule about last year’s winner to concern ALL previous winners. This means that Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek cannot be nominated again. Why make it so? First of all I want a diversity in this, my harem, and second of all there are plenty women out there to choose from!
The honor of winning Sigg3 dot net’s FOY contest is everlasting. Or as long lasting as this site, at least:)

As for the controversy around last year’s election process, I have promised to change my polling system before the voting begins. If I haven’t done this by November/December when the voting usually takes place, we will postpone it until we can be certain cheating is not possible. There was no "hacking" of the poll last year, and that is not possible with the system we have used thus far, but there are other ways around that someone might have stumbled over. After all, nobody is perfect.

Apart from that, let the games begin! I’ll post my January nominate in a few secs.

Just a little note..

I just wanted to let you all know that I don’t sleep with all the candidates of Female of the Year. I mean, take Audrey Hepbern for example. She’s dead.
Check out what dropped in my mail this morning:

simaak ( on Monday, January 24, 2005 at 03:29:26
msg: i love salma hayek to win this award. and tell here i love to fuck (edit: make love to) her. i had a crush on her when i was small. i pay her 6000$

Cheers, Simaak, I’ll tell her that the next time she invites me over for some recreational activities. We mostly do mild bondage. But if you don’t mind I’ll let out those 6Ks, man. She’s not into money at all, I can tell ya. Unless I put them in her panties, moaning: "That’s right you little slut, you’re not worth more than a ten dollar bill". Always get her all aroused.

On a side-note I heard a rumour about Britney Spears buying baby-clothing. I seem to recall wearing a condom. But if that’s the way she wants it that’s fine with me, as long as I can visit the toddler in weekends. I don’t want my kid to follow onto her path. All self-righteous and shit. I paid for your tits!