Merry Yuletide!

While the video was made by the atheist organization, and focuses on the American Christmas celebration, I think it has quite a lot of interesting historical facts: With this freshly in mind, I can go eat at the Winter Fest with the good conscience only a warm-hearted non-believer can. Have a Happy Yuletide and […]

«Reconsidering Star Wars IV in the light of I-III» by Keith Martin

Disclaimer: I did not write the following, but I found it on a discussions forum (thanks bro!) that had copied from the original source or another site. Apparently the text was written by Keith Martin ©2005 and hosted here, but since the host is down I’ll take my chances. //END Disclaimer A New Sith, or […]

Last five pics

Here are some pictures that I’ve take with the Nexus S lately: The Museum of Something SomethingIt’s from the Botanical Garden in Oslo. I love this building, it reminds me of home.. Beautiful Black BikeI saw this beautiful black bike on my way to work one day.. That Jurassic Park feeling"No we can’t. Because we’re […]