Great homestarrunner dot net (it's dot com!) update!!

First of all, check out the latest Strongbad e-mail, pretty funky shit. Click the protected by the copyright law image of Strongbad below. Then, you should also check out the new characters page, where you can watch great introductions to all the characters of Strongbadia:) Here’s the ones I recommend the most: Strongbad | The Cheat | Homestarrunner

Link of the day

The link of the day was submitted to fix.en.eagle.and.child (FIX) by sysop Nixon, and as I found the contents very interesting and a "funny fact" I was unaware of, I thought I’d share it with ya’ll. It is a Wikipedia dot org article about Richard Weaver a.k.a the Handshake Man. Appearently he’s clever enough to […]